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Top 10 Dating Sites for Seniors

You’re here for the love. And you’re not here for games.

You are a lot more relaxed than in other parts of your life.

There are a lot of things you will know if you’re looking for more than just sex.

Photo by Christopher Buncer.

Ask yourself why you’re doing this.

Yes, we’re really going to find out what’s in it for you.

The point is to find someone you’re willing to be with for the rest of your life.

You want a guy who’s fun to be around.

You are not attracted to jerks or the douchebags who drive up to the club to get laid and then make a naked run for the door.

It’s funny—look how fun this is!

You’re probably going to see this guy a lot before you meet. It’s a good rule of thumb: if you’re OK with going to the movies or drinking at the bar, you are probably OK with dating somebody all the time.

Photo by Christopher Buncer.

You’re intelligent.

You do not date men who are socially awkward or generally ill at ease around others, and you do not date men who’re completely lacking in confidence.

You can hold your own in a conversation.

You have a job, you’re responsible, you can cook or clean or whatever.

Photo by Christopher Buncer.

You can keep a guy interested for longer than one night.

What’s the point of having sex with a girl you’ve barely even talked to?

You’re pretty likely to know what you’re looking for.

There are too many loser guys who get even worse with age. You’re on the right track by not wanting to stick with that kind of guy.

Photo by Christopher Buncer.

You don’t want sex with anyone who doesn’t want to have sex with you.

This is silly. Get yourself a cock ring.

You want someone who doesn’t want anyone else.

You don’t want to be the third wheel. You don’t want to have to make sure the two of you are having fun as much as you are. You want someone to whom you can totally be yourself, who knows what you’re doing.

If you want to be the fourth wheel.

Photo by Christopher Buncer.

You don’t want a thre
A lot of men and women get nervous about getting involved because they don’t know what they’re doing. So we’ve put together all of our tips into one concise guide to help you get out there and have fun.

We’ve gotten a lot of requests from women (and a few men) to write a guidebook for women, and we’ve complied all of our tips below into this handy, easy-to-follow guide to dating. Everyone is intimidated at first (whether it’s a first date, a blind date, or a lunch-date with a potential sweetheart), so we’re going to cover everything—from getting together with someone you already know to figuring out what to do the first time you go on a date.

Even if you don’t find the perfect person in the first few dates, there will be dating tips down the road. And while some of our tips and suggestions will certainly help, that’s only a small part of how you can have successful dating. If you’re really interested in learning more, check out this post on dating lessons from the ultimate matchmaker.

We’ve gone through the entire spectrum of dating scenarios, from getting out there to actually communicating with a potential love interest. That includes:

Things To Know Before You Get Going On A First Date

First dates—and especially the first lunch or dinner—are scary, even if you know what to expect. Just because you’re going out doesn’t mean you have to jump into dating right away, however. So if you’re serious about pursuing someone, be sure to follow these guidelines first, so that you can start moving along in the right direction.

Don’t Make Things Too Quick. If you’ve never dated or been on a first date before, your nervousness is completely normal. But you don’t want to blow a chance that could lead to a true relationship just because you’re scared. So if you want to take things slowly, even if the other person isn’t interested, let them know upfront. Most people will appreciate your hesitation, and it’s a much less scary experience to just get to know someone in the comfort of your own home.

If you have a great relationship already, we really suggest you stick to that. You don’t want to put someone you know and love into a difficult situation, and if you know someone really well, you know all of their patterns and the emotional stuff that goes along with it. For example, if you’re already in a relationship and

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