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Python Editor Windows Vista

Python Editor Windows Vista


Python Editor Windows Vista

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use windows graphical tool, called Dia, and how to convert an image into a special format. This format will later be used in the education software. Diagrams are rather simple drawings, like graphical programming languages or flow diagrams.
First of all we will use the Dia tool, that is built-in in the course of the laboratory Computer Sciences.

First of all, we will start the Dia tool. Choose: “Programs and Features”, then type: “Startup” and press Enter.
Dia can be also opened from Programs and Features.
After opening the Dia tool, we can start creating a new diagram.

Now, we have the Dia tool at hand. Type in the text field the name of the Dia document.
You can open a document or diagram from the Context menu by pressing the icon in the Toolbox and selecting it from the menu.

To create a new diagram press the “New” button in the toolbox or press Esc followed by the key: Ctrl+N.

After pressing “New”, a new screen will show up, this is the New Window.
Use the part that says “Name:” to enter the diagram name.

The new diagram will look like this.

The cursor will be placed in the diagram.

You can press the Enter key to change the visibility of the cursor (open/close), the Esc key to cancel the command, the Ctrl+P key to save the diagram.

We can now edit the diagram.
After editing the diagram, pressing the Esc key will cancel any pending changes.

The diagram will look like this.

To save the diagram, press the “Save as…” button.

To save the diagram in a format that can be opened by the course’s learning software, select the “Save as” button, then select a file format from the list.

After saving the file, press the OK button.

The diagram will look like this.

When you have finished making all the changes you want to make to the diagram, select the “Close” button.

We can now convert the diagram to a file, which will later be used in the course’s learning software.

To convert the diagram to a file, type in the text field the name of the file where you want to save the diagram (it must be a path, i.e. the file must be


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