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Practical Teacher’s Guide Cambridge IGCSE® Biology Digital


Cambridge Igcse Biology Practical Workbook Answers

28. mai 2019
I have passed three out of the five options in biology, however I do have some questions concerning the practical workbook. I have been looking through the existing questions and answers, but I cannot figure out how to find the answer to a question for which the information is not given. The information to be given on the questions is referred to at the beginning of the book, but there is not a list of the questions and their answers. Is there any way to find an answer to a specific question?


To check your answers, press the button “Check answer”. If you click on the “Highlights” button it will tell you which pages you have highlighted.
A hint: If you select a tab at the top of the page, it will show you the answer to the question. For example: “Do you know where to find the answers to the questions you have highlighted?”
To find your answers, you can hover your mouse over the questions.
For more help and hints, check the manual:


Why are.NET standard 2.0 library DLLs no longer included in.NET 4.0?

I am porting an application to ASP.NET 5.1 and noticed that all.NET 4.0 libraries are no longer included with the standard framework. This included the dlls of.NET 2.0 standard libraries (System.Linq for example).
I am using the RC 2 release of ASP.NET 5.1 but it seems the update 1 is not yet public.
I have no update 1 yet, so I am not sure if it includes the old standard libraries like the ones that.NET 4.0 did, or just the new one, but the update 2 does.
My question is, since I am not ready to start dealing with the differences between the library versions, is there some way I can make sure that I do not break any of my code?
If not, what is the best way to get my project working on the production system (a ASP.NET 4.0)?
I am using the RC 2 release of the following frameworks:

ASP.NET 5.1 (still under development – I am unable to test for this issue at this time)
Microsoft.AspNet.Http (v6.0.1)

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