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O2Face Platinum Crack Free Download [Updated]







O2Face Platinum Crack Download X64 2022 [New]

This is the most powerful version of O2face which can be accessed offline and online. It also has several functions that are shown below:
· Offline O2face: this is the most powerful feature that this software supports. On this basis, the software can be not only offline in access control but also offline in data backup. Thus it is more convenient and safe for users. O2face Platinum provides: One-click logon, Multitasking logon, Multitasking logon with memory.
· Online O2face: this is the most powerful feature that this software supports. On this basis, users can access O2face online and it has a hardware authentication function with real-time and offline supports.
· History log: on the basis of the supporting principle of boot detection, the software will automatically record and display each logon time. This is very convenient to users for learning.
· Software Update: this is the most powerful feature that the software supports. O2face platinum can be updated over the air or online. Users will not be bothered by the update as it can be done automatically.
· Children Protection: this is a very important feature of this software. The software is designed to protect the integrity of system security, so that users, especially parents, can rest assured that their kids are safe on the computer.

1. Support Authentication and Logon
Supports authentication and logon from multiple sources, including hardware, mobile phone, Bluetooth, Wifi, and local account accounts(Windows Live Account) with Active Directory Domain, Active Directory Server and Active Directory Federation Service. O2face is high secure and trusted logon software.
2. Multi-User Support
Multi-user logon with multithreading supports user switching and multi-user logon. You can select to log into multiple accounts in one time, switch user accounts, switch user accounts automatically and logon user accounts.
3. Auto Lock After Logoff
When you logoff, O2face will lock the computer automatically. If you need to log on later, you must unlock the computer by using the PIN or password set in the software. O2face platinum can recognize and recognize your face on the computer, and show your face on the Monitor screen. It uses the power-safe method in accordance with the hardware and system settings of the computer to reduce the consumption of electricity.
4. Fast User Switching
When realizing that the user is not at the computer, O2

O2Face Platinum Free Download

O2Face Platinum is the most advanced version of O2FACE which brings a breakthrough performance to the highest level. It combines the features of Leave Detection, Face Sense, and Fast User Switch into a single control desktop.
It has many useful functions including Face Detection, Automatic Logon, Auto Lock, and Automatic User Switch.
It makes each operation and environment more convenient and secure for users.
It offers convenience and security as well as tight integration to help you enjoy a more dynamic way to work.
O2FACE features:
· “Face Detection” function enables the system to detect whether the user is in front of the computer or not. It improves user experience in many aspects like leave detection, single sign-on, etc. And it will prevent the accidental injuries for eyes when users touch the screen unintentionally.
· “Auto Logon” feature enables the system to identify the user at the computer as long as the user faces the camera on the computer. When the user leaves the computer, the system will automatically lock the computer to protect data and security of the computer.
· “Auto Lock” function enables the system to make the monitor turn off when users is not in front of the computer. The automatic light-off way avoids unnecessary power consumption while users are working at the computer.
· “Face Sense” function automatically captures images when face recognition fails.
· “Single Sign-on” enables users to log on Windows without memorizing ID or password.
· “Power Safe” means the system uses different power-safe methods to reduce the electricity consumption of users in different environment.
· “Automatic User Switch” means the system will pop up a window reminding users to switch users when the users comes back to the system.
· “Run As Different User” enables users to log on Windows without memorizing ID or password.
· “Remind” function enables users to re-identify the template, thus it can adopt to the new environment and make it easy to log on in future use in same environment.
· “Backup” function enables users to store data automatically, as long as the data can be saved into the hard disk or transferred to the USB flash drive.
· “Prevent Unauthorized Logon” features enable the system to prevent unauthorized users from logging on Windows, thus making the system more secure.
· “Face Recognition” is a

O2Face Platinum With Key Free Download

O2Face Platinum is a version that has been extended to the cloud. It is supported for all of the original functions and better support when accessing the PC. You can join via the web browser to the log-in page and select O2FACE user account to use this software.
It is supported for all of the original functions and better support when accessing the PC. You can join via the web browser to the log-in page and select O2FACE user account to use this software.
In addition, you can join a more convenient way by using Facebook. You will be asked to have a Facebook account to join the first time, and if you do not have one, please create one. Once you have joined Facebook, you can log in and connect to O2FACE directly through Facebook, thus making the verification of the user much more convenient.
*”It is the company with a professional and stable software development team. I use the software, the comfort of the software so far, is very good, the company is willing to solve problems, the after-sales service is also very good.”
“O2Face is very mature, but also has some flaws. Can be easily log in to the application is less, the real force is the big company to give big problems, so it is best to be cautious.”
*”O2Face Platinum is the most complete O2Face version, the most stable in use and reliability. The company is willing to solve problems, the after-sales service is also very good.”
“The installation of the software is very smooth and convenient. It is not only the face recognition technology but also many other function, I like it a lot.”
“O2Face is a kind of desktop access control software based on the advanced technology of facial recognition, it has many interesting functions, such as the front and back monitoring, the face recognition technology, the face template, single sign-on and so on.”
“The face recognition technology is mature, can effectively protect the computer and the people.
O2Face has a dual login function, which will force other users and the unauthorized users be recognized at the same time, so as to prevent non-authorized users accessing the system.
The face template of O2Face will be updated in time, which will certainly reduce the risk of non-authorized users stealing the user’s password.
It’s very convenient for us to upgrade to the O2Face Platinum, the support is very good, and it’s

What’s New in the?

O2Face Platinum is an advanced software which allows users to recognize themselves by utilizing their facial recognition and voice recognition technology. It can also automatically control your desktop according to different environments, and is a secure and safe access control software for business. The program can be deployed on any UNIX/WIN platforms, such as Microsoft Windows/Linux/Solaris, and supports multiple languages.
O2Face Platinum Features:
1. Face Recognition: the program uses video image capture to create the user’s facial template, and uses the facial template and other related information to perform the authentication based on face recognition.
2. Voice Recognition: the program uses voice recognition to create the user’s voice template and use the voice template to perform the voice recognition. The user can put the desired voice input templates into the pre-set voice command panel. Once the voice recognition is finished, the system will automatically display the user’s requested information.
3. Facial Recognition: the program can record the user’s voice for voice recognition with preset voice commands and has the ability to recognize the user’s face through facial recognition.
4. Leave Detection: the program monitors the user’s laptop and desktop login. When the user logs off the system, the software will automatically lock the system to ensure the safety of the data. When the user is at the desktop, the system will unlock.
5. Fast User Switch (FUS): when the user is away from the computer, the system will pop out a reminder, so that the user can switch to another user.
6. Face Sense: the system will continuously scan user’s face and upload the facial information to a face template database, to make it easy to log on in future use.
7. Single Sign-On (SSO): this feature allows users to use only one time of user ID and password to log on to different websites to avoid burdensome memorizing of user IDs and passwords.
8. Power safe: the program adopts different power-safe methods in accordance with the hardware and system settings of machines so as to reduce the consumption of electricity.
9. High-performance, stable and free of bugs: users can freely enjoy the free version of the software and test the features of the software without time limitations.
System Requirements:
1. CPU: Intel Pentium IV with E500 processor with speed at least 400MHz, and 2.0

System Requirements:

Windows 8/8.1/7/Vista (32/64-bit)
Core i3-530 @ 2.3 GHz or Core i5-540 @ 2.5 GHz or Core i5-750 @ 3.0 GHz
GPU GeForce GTX 260 @ 1 GB RAM or ATI HD4850 1 GB RAM
HDD 300 GB or more
Controller Keyboard mouse or gamepad
Internet connection for single-player mode
Internet connection for multiplayer mode
This work is

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