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Handling “Waiting for debugger to attach”

I am working on a large source tree with a very low disk space. When I add an initial breakpoint and compile my code, the output window shows the following message for 5-10 minutes:
Debug: Waiting for debugger to attach

After that, the IDE continues to work, but the program won’t run. What can be done to “kick” Visual Studio into working mode? I have tried “clean” and “rebuild”, but they didn’t work.


This can happen when you have an active debugger (or attached to a running process) and have run out of memory. You may need to “Enable Large Addresses” in Tools->Options->Debugging->General. If that doesn’t help, you will need to open up the Performance Monitor and look to see if you are in the list of processes marked as “Memory Leaks”.
You may find that the process can be managed from Task Manager, if you know the process id to kill.


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