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Hold Image – [Viewer] Crack Keygen Full Version Free







Hold Image – [Viewer] [Win/Mac] (Updated 2022)

Find out more about the programs for Hold Image – [Editor] and the Hold Image bundle!

Hold Image – [Editor] is a reliable software, dedicated to opening and editing specific types of files that are DRM protected. This powerful tool allows you to open and modify projects created with Hold Image – [Editor]. The software has been designed to offer a quick start in the field of secure file sharing and file protection.

Imagine yourself as an artist, and let’s face it, no one will buy your work if you are not confident to offer a secure copy of the file to the client. You have the creative idea and you want to make it a reality. You want to send the files of your creation to a client and earn money, but you don’t want to be offered a pirated copy. This is the problem that Hold Image – [Editor] will solve for you.

Hold Image – [Editor] is a powerful tool for managing a project containing images protected by a digital rights management scheme. It allows you to share the project with clients, preview the project and protect the image with copy right information. The application was developed in order to make your clients happy. It offers them a quality image, with no loss of information, and a secure copy.

It works on windows 7, 8 and 10.


create and manage folders that are named according to the images in the project

easy and intuitive interface

open the project, display the images, protect them, and offer a secure copy to the client

check the watermarks on the images and modify them, if necessary

add comments in the project, as well as inform the client of the dates in which the images were taken

display the watermarks on the individual images or on the whole project

preview and render the individual images, in both their original size or in smaller sizes

use all the application tools to edit the project


compatibility with other programs


easy to use

translation into other languages


any version of Windows 7

any version of Windows 8

any version of Windows 10

File formats:

project: HIV file format (binary file built with Hold Image – [Editor])

images: uncompressed, original size of the images in JPEG, GIF or PNG format

project comments: comments added during the project creation

Save as:

Hold Image – [Viewer] Free [Updated]

For Mac® OS X (10.6 or above): Hold Image [Viewer] opens the protected image files by using the exclusive tool [MACRO KEY] to copy the key to the clipboard. You can also set this software as an automatic opening tool with the [KeyMacro] settings.
View protected images
For Windows® (XP or above): Hold Image – [Viewer] Cracked Accounts can open the protected images by using the exclusive tool [KEYMACRO] that copies the key to the clipboard.
Advanced features:
This advanced edition also enables you to set [KEYMACRO] as an automatic opening tool. Additionally, you can export the watermark and commentaries added during the creation of the project.

Hold Image – [Editor] is a comprehensive software designed to open and edit photos which are protected by using the exclusive mechanisms from the Hold Image bundle. Its interface is easy to handle, and it is well organised. However, Hold Image is not only dedicated to copy the watermark and the commentaries, but also to create new images with the specific watermark, as well as protect images with the exclusive settings.
To use this software you can open the projects in Hold Image – [Editor] by using the Hold Image [Viewer] that comes included in the bundle. This software displays the watermarks as they are created, and allows you to edit them. You can add comments to the images and export the watermark and commentaries.
To use the functionality of Hold Image – [Editor] effectively, you should first open the project in Hold Image – [Viewer]. This will render the project image that is stored in the unique format, and allows you to add comments and watermarks.
Hold Image has been designed by professional photographers to fulfil their needs. It comes with all the features offered by the well known Hold Image bundle, and a great number of special features. For example, you can change the watermark and commentaries displayed, or add an exclusive watermark and commentaries to images. Furthermore, you can also use a special algorithm to create new images, and apply the settings to all the images in the project.
Finally, Hold Image comes as an autorun software. It runs automatically when you double click the project files in your Mac®.
Keymacro Description:
For Mac® OS X (10.6 or above): Hold Image – [Editor] opens the protected images by using the exclusive tool [KEYMACRO]. You can set this software

Hold Image – [Viewer] Crack Keygen For (LifeTime)

***Try the demo version of the Hold Image Bundle from the “Download” page***. It features a fully functional 30-days trial version of Hold Image – [Editor] and Hold Image – [Viewer].


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Program features
The software comes with a comprehensive interface, which allows you to create beautiful images and design mockups, right on the very top of your screen. You can preview the result of your work and create a copy of the mockup. With the mockup software, you can check your work to a client before you make a final decision. Moreover, you may provide instructions for the creation of the project.
Sample projects
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Moreover, the mockup software features a number of special features. Among them is the exact and fast image preview. You can preview the result of your work and create a copy of the mockup. The software allows you to add text, figures, and graphical elements to the mockup. You can even use drop shadows to add a soft light to a particular area of your mockup.
The software also allows you to use custom templates. You can select from various templates, and customize their appearance as needed. Each template has its own grid and adjustment layers, and allows you to position

What’s New In?

Are you afraid of losing your copyright information? Do you need to protect your multimedia files? Create and open watermarked images with the Hold Image – [Editor] software. Create a project, add watermark images and save your encrypted project in a special format. The.HIV file will be opened by the Hold Image – [Viewer] package. It is a reliable and secure software.

Other use

A lot of internet services, like file storage services, social networks or blog platforms, allow you to upload images. In such circumstances, the Hold Image – [Editor] can be used to secure your data. You may choose to combine image encryption with a watermarking solution. Once you start composing your image, you can save it into a file, which you then open with the Hold Image – [Viewer] application.

Is it safe to use this software?

The Hold Image – [Editor] software is not virus-free. However, we guarantee that it does not affect the internal working of your computer in any way. Moreover, the program does not display additional windows. Furthermore, it uses an automatic activation system, which will not cause any problems. Still, we recommend that you make use of a virus-free security solution and scan your files periodically.

Why is Hold Image – [Viewer] so important?

You may use the Hold Image – [Editor] to design watermarked images. However, Hold Image – [Viewer] is also available as a standalone program, which allows you to open and view watermarked images. Thus, you may use the program to protect multimedia files. In addition, you may use this software to scan any images you create or already own.

Is there a trial version?

The Hold Image – [Viewer] application is a stand alone program, which does not require an activation key. It is also a licensed software. Thus, you may use it without paying anything.

Use in education

The Hold Image – [Viewer] software is meant for viewing images and watermarked images, only. You can install it in educational institutions without any problems. The program does not contain any features that may violate the privacy of your pupils. In fact, the software is designed to teach you how to encrypt and watermark images. Thus, it can be used both in schools and universities.

Check the features

The Hold Image – [Viewer] program is a standalone application. It does not require any additional programs to be installed. Thus, it is a standalone application that does not require the use of additional memory. The software can be used to open several images simultaneously. Furthermore, it has a multi-tier system of security, which is not affected by other programs running in the background.

Sample photos


Hold Image – [Viewer] – Version: (

System Requirements For Hold Image – [Viewer]:

Windows® 7 or later
Intel® Core™ i5/i7/i3/i9 or AMD® Ryzen™
1024 × 768 or higher display resolution
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