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free photoshop backgrounds, photos for make your wallpapers







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* The Adobe Learning site provides a wealth of Photoshop tutorials for beginners as well as professionals (``).
* You can find Photoshop-related video tutorials by searching YouTube or visiting websites of companies that sell Photoshop and related video software.
* Open a Photoshop file with your image editor of choice, and if it is supported, it will let you do the required editing.

In this book, I’ve grouped the features of Photoshop into the following sections:

* Adjustment Layers, which enable you to make changes to the picture without having to go through the entire image — you’re actually editing one thin layer at a time. The Adjustment Layers also help you when you want to add a new layer to the photo.
* Cropping, where you’re taking a picture and cropping it into the edges of a photo frame.
* Filters, where you create new images through what you see in your monitor.
* Image Smart Objects, where you create a layer that contains either adjustments or effects and then apply the same adjustments or effects to multiple layers.
* Masking, where you hide an object by either cropping it or covering it with a dark edge, making it invisible.
* Painting and drawing, where you modify an image by painting on either an existing layer or a new layer.
* Retouching, where you make simple adjustments to your image by changing colors or adding or removing specific objects.
* Selection Tools, where you select an object on a new layer.
* Selection Tools, where you select objects on different layers.

All of these features can be considered examples of applying _raster graphics_ to your image. They are actions performed on your image, and the result is usually a new file that contains only the edited parts of your original file.

## Moving Around with the Layers Panel

The Photoshop Layers panel is one of the most frequently used panels in Photoshop. You use the Layers panel to navigate through layers and make changes to a picture. In the following sections, you find out how to

* Create layers
* Organize and name layers
* Put layers in groups
* View and use layer attributes
* Move and resize layers
* Control layer visibility
* Apply special effects to layers
* Invert a color, add a reflection, and more

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The software has a number of tools that allow for the manipulation of photos, and can be used to create images and videos.

Elements features a range of photo editing tools, such as crop tools, color adjustment tools, image retouching tools, and the ability to add text and shapes to images. An Effects tool lets you apply special effects to photos, such as blurring and adding effects like vibrance, Sepia or a radial blur effect. Other basic editing tools are available, including exposure, shadows, brightness, and contrast adjustments.

The more advanced features of Elements include an exposure slider, a screen shot tool, a batch processing tool, and a range of filters.

Elements also has the ability to work with videos. It supports video recording and playback, edit videos, create video montages, create video animations and subtitles.


Windows. You need to install the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements on a computer.

Notepad Notebook. You’ll need to download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements and the latest version of Adobe Notebook.

An Email attachment. You’ll need a detailed tutorial for Photoshop Elements, and a copy of it in a different format. You may also need a tutorial on how to use Adobe Notebook.


1. Open Adobe Photoshop Elements.

2. Open an image.

3. Click on the Effects, Adjustments, or Adjustment Layers tabs.

4. Check the boxes under the appropriate tab to access the tools you need.

In this example, you need to check the effects, adjustments, and adjustment layers tabs to access the tools you need.

If you need a detailed tutorial for Photoshop Elements, please check the relevant tutorial for this article.

5. To save the image, click on the Print icon in the top right corner.

6. Continue this process until you have created a large collection of images.

You can use your images to create a photo album, create a video, or to improve your Instagram.

7. You can export the images using the Print function.

8. There are options to resize the images and delete unwanted images.

You can resize your images using the square corner box by dragging the handle. You can delete unwanted images by selecting them and pressing Delete.

9. You can use the trash can icon to move the images to the

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System Requirements:

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Microsoft DirectX 11-compatible graphics card with WDDM driver. Use any DirectX 10 or earlier graphics card with the latest

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