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Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Rumored to be Itakgoinato

As your swiping app fingers—and gut—you’ll find that what you’re looking for is much more fun than lonely nights in a new city or endless rounds of online dating. Here’s everything you need to know to date like a top pick:

You’re not getting cheated on

You’ve made the smart decision to pick someone who has a good connection to their family, colleagues, and friends, and they’re able to text your relationship status at his or her whim. This way, if you, like most people, are usually glued to your phone when messaging, your partner won’t have to worry about you checking your messages every few seconds to see if your ex sent you a “delete me” text.

His/her friends will give him or her his or her approval

Dating in a group can be a time suck, so go out with a friend to a pub or a bar to make the first meetup a bit easier. Additionally, it’s a good test of your partner’s ability to meet new people. If he/she seems to be passing the test, chances are you two will have a lot of fun together.

You’ll immediately know if he/she’s worth looking at

If the man or woman is really giving you his or her attention and seems to be into you, all you have to do is watch his or her body language. If she’s giving you the “how’s it going?” or “good to see you,” then she’s probably a keeper. And if he’s smiling and asking how you’re doing, then he’s definitely someone you should think about hanging out with. (And if he or she just plays it cool and shows interest but never says anything, your next date may be with him or her.)

Couple’s first date can be a chance to have fun

If you’re going out with your partner for the first time, consider making it a double date. It’ll allow for a couple of hours of conversation, some drinks, and some fun in the sun. It might also allow for a little bit of a first-date nervousness, so be patient and remember to have fun!

He/she will know his/her limits

If your date has been drinking a lot of alcohol, or the person’s intoxicated, it’s a good sign that he or she isn’t a safe person to be around. If the person is very drunk, you may want to skip a few activities or
1. Pick a place. Pick somewhere you’re the most comfortable, and somewhere you can talk comfortably without holding back. The following places are open to any gender for long hours without an email or cell phone interrupting your thoughts.

2. Be open to the possibilities. A good date is a happy accident. If you go to a place that is known for having a great, new restaurant and you walk in and sit down, there’s a good chance you’ll eat there or another option will offer you. It’s likely to be a good date if one of the options offers you a great new experience and you have no options. Sitting down somewhere you’re not sure you’re comfortable, not knowing what to do or think or what the people there will do, is a recipe for disaster.

3. Do a little homework. Most people who go on dates have a standard profile: A clear idea of what they want, often a profile of the perfect date (not friends, family, you or your options, but instead, you know what you want from the person you’re going to be with). It’s a lot more fun (and easier) to go on a date with someone you don’t know that you like, who probably doesn’t have an idea of what you want, than it is to go on a date with someone you have a good chance of loving, knowing you’ll have to hold back and hold back and hold back.

In this scenario, how you’re going to get to know each other, what you’re going to say, what you’re going to do, and what you’re going to know about each other is in good hands. You’ve done a little work ahead of time, and when you walk out of the place, you’ll feel all right, and whatever happens next feels like fate.

4. Try a little flattery. Flattery is good, but it is also a tricky business. To be honest, flattery often comes off as more self-absorbed than you intended it to be, especially to someone you haven’t known long. But it’s important to keep in mind that people sometimes play an act; if you tell a woman she has a nice ass, she may play off that compliment.

That being said, it’s easy to be bold, and if you’ve picked a place where the people there are your kind of people, you’re going to get some good cards in your hand by being bold. Getting a woman to do what

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