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Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 (23.0.2)


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* **Elements:** If you are new to digital photography, Elements is a good choice because you can use it for basic editing tasks.
* **Bridge:** For experienced photographers, Bridge is probably your best choice. It allows for simpler use and is part of the Bridge module in Photoshop.
* **Lightroom:** Lightroom is a full-fledged commercial-grade digital photography management system. It can be used as a standalone program or integrated with the editing tools in Photoshop.

With Bridge and Lightroom, you can open files and save them to the library. You can then use the Organizer module in Lightroom to access and manage the image files. You can also export images to a variety of destinations, such as web, e-mail, and CD/DVD.

Bridge has additional features that you can access through menus and buttons that enable you to work with images more quickly. However, Bridge has a different interface than that found in Photoshop. To access Bridge features, you must have the Bridge module installed and have a connected computer.

For Lightroom, you can view the images as a thumbnail grid but you can’t see the image in the normal layout. You must switch to a thumbnail view to see an image. You can’t zoom in on images.

By default, Lightroom uses the local file system, so you can access the files and folders anywhere on your computer (meaning you don’t need to have an external hard drive to store your image files). You can also download photos directly to a hard drive.

Bridge and Lightroom do provide different workflows than Photoshop. With Bridge and Lightroom, you can create new images and organize them to print in the Print module. In the Print module, you can crop images, add text and effects, and even add additional images to complete a professional-looking final print.

Lightroom provides presets, which allow you to quickly adjust your image for different shooting conditions. Instead of adjusting the image a few times, you can set the preset to adjust the image for a certain shooting situation. For example, you could set the color to look better in a photograph taken outdoors or in the studio.

Figure 11-3: Bridge can open PSD documents.

Figure 11-4: Within Bridge, you can quickly access and edit the active image, use the Organizer for image management, or choose an image to open in Photoshop.

Figure 11-5: Lightroom features a

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How Photoshop Elements works

The features and functionality of Photoshop Elements can be divided into two categories: quick edit tools, and ‘layer-based’ creative features.

Quick editing tools

Quick editing tools enable you to crop, resize, or rotate images easily, or to manipulate the style, colour or other properties of the image.

The tools are also useful for fixing unsharpened or blurry images. If you have a problem image, these tools can help you fix your image and make it look much better.

Quick editing tools

Quick editing tools

Resize tool

Using a handy slider, you can resize an image.

Alternatively you can use the crop tool to crop out unwanted sections of the picture.

Rotate tool

Using the rotate tool, you can rotate your image in 90-degree steps and also resize your image.

Using the slide bar you can quickly rotate your image in degrees.

Insert a layer button

If you create an image using multiple layers, you can add a layer to your image by clicking insert a layer.

Selecting the layer gives you control over that layer so you can apply effects to it.

Adjust the opacity

The Opacity tool allows you to adjust the transparency of a layer or image. You can move and rotate the opacity slider to change the transparency.

Adjust the brightness/contrast

The brightness/contrast tool allows you to adjust the contrast and brightness of an image or layer. You can move and drag the slider to adjust the levels of contrast and brightness.

Adjust the hue/saturation

The hue/saturation tool allows you to adjust the saturation and colour tones of an image. You can move and drag the hue slider to change the colour of the image.

The saturation slider enables you to quickly adjust the saturation of your image.

Move the layer

Using the move tool, you can move a layer to a new area of the image. You can control the location, size, orientation and other properties of the layer.

Move the layer to a new position

Click and drag the layer or image to a new position.

Apply a gradient

Using the Gradient tool, you can apply a gradient to the current layer. A gradient is a shape that fades from one colour to another. You can select the colour for the start and end of the gradient, and you can adjust

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0<m<n&& $\tilde{m}$

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop New Version Download Free:

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3 GB free disk space (5 GB Recommended)

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