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_TOP_ DownloadGrandtwrpms013gbuild2tar

_TOP_ DownloadGrandtwrpms013gbuild2tar

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This is my og-1.cer file, downloaded from the official site, but I couldn’t find any solution to fix it…


It is not a virus, it is a binary file from the program PEtk-Mein Pro, used to protect and encrypt files.


I had the same problem. my solution would be to rename it or something else. and then unzip and fix the icon (it should be a.ico file).

John Gosset

John Gosset, (May 15, 1852 – April 16, 1925) was a Quebec businessman, politician and notary. Gosset’s family have a social, political, and economical role in Quebec City.

The son of Thomas Gosset, and son-in-law of Joseph-Vincent Bernier, he was a medical doctor, a journalist, and a goldsmith. He was admitted as an attorney in 1876 and became a notary the same year. From 1882 to 1893, he was an editor of the Courrier de l’Abitibi. In 1886, he became a Montreal city councillor and, in 1896, a councillor for the former borough of Sainte-Foy (now part of the borough of Sainte-Foy–Sillery–Cap-Rouge). He was mayor of Quebec City, Quebec from 1890 to 1891. In 1895, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Quebec for the riding of Quebec County. A Conservative, he was defeated in 1896. In 1897, he was the mayor of Quebec City again. He also made several trips to the United States.

Gosset was made a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George in the 1920 New Year Honours. He married Angelique Christin in 1881.

He died in Quebec City in 1925.

His son, Charles-Adrien Gosset, was also a politician.


Category:1852 births
Category:1925 deaths
Category:Conservative Party of Canada (1867–1942) MPs
Category:Conservative Party of Quebec MNAs
Category:Companions of the Order of St Michael and St George
Category:Mayors of Quebec City
Category:Politicians from Quebec City1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates generally to a container for dispensing a plurality of products, such as two

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